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If you are a new patient (not in our protected systems yet) and you would like to receive personalized information, please fill in the form hereafter; this way we will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently. We will not share your personal data with any third party, unless you’ll decide to schedule a therapy; in that case of course you’ll be given forms and documents disclosing the medical usage of your data, only for your treatment’s purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Traveling to a foreign country for Medical Reason can be a Concern; especially when you’re going to a Country where English is not a Lingua Franca.

With Medical Tourism Italy, your Personal Health Planner will be taking care of all details of your experience, from the dates of treatment, the arranging of your accommodation, the driving you since your landing at the airport, to the treatments and hotels, back to the airport and all the way to make you feel just like home: we select only English speaking Hotels, we are your interpreters throughout the days of your stay, and we are at your side during the Treatments.

These are the summed-up points of which you’ll never need to worry about:

  • Treatment
  • Interpreting
  • Driving
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Side therapies
  • Booking and accessing to priority lane
How fast the evaluation and trip scheduling is?

We will need to collect some medical records of yours, and we will process with the evaluation remotely, directly through the selected facility. This normally takes a couple of working days for the Doctors to be able to revise the case.

Thanks to our Priority Line service, you can have access to the treatment within a couple of working weeks.

What's a Personal Health Planner

They are the professionals that will directly manage your case and stay in Italy. They will be the link between you, the medical facility and your hotel. They’ll be by your side during your treatment, support you and translate everything, ensuring the perfect communication and the best experience for you. They will also be in charge of your Follow-up once you’re back and help you evaluate your recovery.


All of our services are designed to provide the best and most supportive assistance for the patients. The Health Planner will be there to arrange your treatment dates and offer you the best communication environment.

You can decide to have your Health Planner also arrange your accommodation and drive you and your caregiver around, side therapies can be added to your treatment plan, and you will be able to request specific kinds of Hotel (luxury and standard) and of assistance (24/7 or only during the therapies).

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction during the journey of your Medical Treatment, so we are always open to receive personalized requests.

Do you offer a special accomodation?

We are aware that your condition requires the best care, which is why we provide an accommodation service that includes qualified hotels that are familiar with international customers and can offer a Restaurant service.

According to your requests, we made agreements with local hotels close – so you will be a few minutes away from your Health Planner 24/7 – and hotels close to the clinic where you will receive the treatment.

Special furniture can be added to your plan too, such as orthopedic mattresses, cover tubes, special pillows and wheelchairs. 

Where in Italy does the treatment take place?

We work with several medical facilities around the Verona, Padova and Vicenza areas. According to the hospital and Doctors’ availability, we will be able to book the treatment.

How does the Follow Up program works?

Your Health Planner will stay in touch with you for the six months after the treatment to support you and monitor your recovery.

During this time, you will see your body adjusting to the Therapy and have the time to learn and improve in your Rehabilitation exercises. Your Health Planner will be by your side supporting and allowing you to stay in touch with the Doctors who followed you in Italy.

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