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Treatment of PANCREATIC cancer in ITALY

Our mission is to provide comprehensive care for patients with neoplastic and inflammatory diseases of the pancreas. The Verona Pancreas Institute surgical program provides the largest pancreatic neoplasms practice in Italy, and includes certified surgeons who specialize in performing surgery of the pancreas and biliary system. We hold multidisciplinary meetings on a weekly basis that are attended by specialists from across the Pancreas Institute.
This collaboration provides continuative input that helps us deliver the best available care for our patients.

What we offer

The efficiency of the welcome, the hospitalization and treatment in excellent Italy healthcare facilities. Pancreatic Center is your connection to the best treatments at the most affordable price.
Let us show how our service can help you offer a superior quality care at affordable prices.

Whatever your situation, whatever your pancreatic cancer, we have solutions to help you. You’ll benefit from our expertise in treating a wide variety of cancer type. Innovative options are among the most advanced technologies and unique equipment used only by experienced doctors in the field.

You can count on our expertise.
Our specialists are fellowship trained in caring from everything form of pancretic cancer. Seeing a surgeon that has performed so many pancreatic surgeries during his or her career means you are in the best possible hands.
Air Medical reduces distance. A meticulous planning of the mission gives us the chance of moving a patient even for long distances in a very short time, minimizing the risks. There also is the possibility of a continuous care: we can do this taking charge of the patient from the starting Hospital and a non-stop assistance all the way to the destinated one.

We Take Walk-Ins!

Summary of our Services


Pancreatic outpatient clinic is run on a daily basis. Our Attending Surgeons accept new patients. A dedicated pancreatic cyst clinic and a pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasm clinic are scheduled once a week, either for first consultation or follow-up…


Minimally invasive surgery is performed through small incisions in the abdominal wall. In laparoscopic surgery, operations are carried out using a specially designed videocamera, which displays images on TV monitors, and specially designed…


After reviewing your case, your attending surgeon may request a series of examinations, especially when the diagnosis is unclear. Radiologic and diagnostic examinations, such as computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopic…


Surgical treatment of acute pancreatitis is indicated in patients with severe disease, infected necrosis and sepsis. In selected cases, minimally invasive techniques may be employed. Pancreatic pseudocysts, which result from an episode of acute…


Radiofrequency ablation is routinely used to treat different unresectable cancers (e.g. liver cancer). The application of radiofrequency ablation to pancreatic cancer was developed in Verona, and is currently an experimental procedure…


Surgery with radical intent can be performed in patients with resectable malignancies of the pancreas, duodenum, bile duct and ampulla of Vater. Radical surgery involves a formal partial pancreatic resection, ancreaticoduodenectomy distal…

Our Mission


Our mission is to be the trusted world leader in care for people and promote the incredible excellence of Italian Healthcare around the world (World n.1 according to Bloomberg Business).


Italy has some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world.


Italy has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe and the World.


Italy has the best value for price healthcare in the world.


Italy has the best results in Cancer treatment

Pancreatic Center

Pancreas Center offers the best available care for pancreatic cancer and represents a true excellence worldwide. We offer different options to provide the best treatment possible, accordingly to each patient’s stage of the illness and of personal needs.
In these facilities, the patient will find a team of doctors highly specialized in different branches of medicine at his or her disposal; this way, every single aspect of the patient’s condition is accurately considered and treated.
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Treatment Packages


Life Quality

Path dedicated to patients affected by not operable pancreatic tumor (an average of 80% of the observed patients)



Different kind of surgery available



Usually hospitals and doctors have their only focus on the patient’s disease.


Second Opinion

Considered the higher and higher demand, we can provide a package to reassess the patient’s clinical case including a revaluation of the case and of radiological images with a final written report

Our Doctors

Prof. Dr. Paolo Pederzoli

General Surgery

Professor Paolo Pederzoli works at the “P. Pederzoli” Hospital in Peschiera del Garda, which was founded by his founder 

Dr. Giovanni Butturini

Pancreatic & General Surgery

Dr. Giovanni Butturini specializes in General Surgery and is a Pancreatic Surgery expert mainly dealing with tumors

Prof. Dr. Roberto Girelli

Pancreatic & General Surgery 

Dr. Roberti Girelli, an expert in General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery, is a leading national medical figure 

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